Cumann Merriman Scholarships

What are they?

Cumann Merriman fund Scholarships every year to attend the Winter School, and occasionally to attend the Summer School. In the case of the Winter School the Scholarships are usually presented to students engaged in full‑time study in the field of the Irish language.

Who Is Eligible to Apply?

The scheme is run through the Irish Departments of the third-level Colleges. The Scholarships are advertised in the Colleges around December and after an internal competition, nominations are forwarded to Cumann Merriman.

Contact us to find out the current amount of the Scholarship. School fees are also remitted for Scholars. Two Scholarships are awarded to each institute. In total, around twenty Scholarships are awarded each year and these young scholars greatly enhance the atmosphere and mood of the School. Indeed, this first taste of it has often proven to be habit‑forming!

How Do You Apply?

Just contact Cumann Merriman at